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BMENational and the Chartered Institute of Housing welcome you to the Housing Rights website

'Brexit' vote

Following the 'leave' vote in the EU referendum there are, of course, likely to be changes in immigration rules. But nothing has changed yet and the new rules are likely to take many months to put in place. Be assured that the housing rights website will be updated with any changes as soon as they happen. Check our home pages for England and Wales or Scotland regularly to ensure you know when changes occur. In the meantime easily understood guidance (pdf) for EU citizens already in the UK is available from the Aire Centre.

'Right to rent' document checks in England

Detailed information on document checks is on the pages on renting from private landlords and on advising migrants about the private rented sector.

Urgent enquiry about EEA victims of trafficking

Solicitors are urgently looking for evidence of EEA victims of trafficking affected by lack of support when they leave the National Referral Mechanism (‘NRM’) and are destitute/ homeless or face other risks because their benefits have been cut.

This follows a recent legal case concerning four Lithuanians trafficked into forced labour. Their mainstream benefits were stopped and the Home Office refused any support to these vulnerable clients as they exited the NRM several years ago. The judge found that the Home Office owes a duty to support EEA victims of trafficking after the end of the NRM but that its guidance and practice did not have gaps (except in police investigation cases).

If you are aware of any such cases of EEA victims of trafficking who have exited the NRM and have not been supported or if you know other organisations to be contacted, please get in touch as quickly as possible with Tessa Gregory at Leigh Day and Martin Westgate QC (

The Housing Rights website aims to provide accurate information to recent arrivals and to advisers about entitlements to housing, based on people's immigration status.

If you're a housing adviser and you want information about the housing rights of new arrivals, please look first at the relevant pages below and the links to the legal provisions. For further help on common problems met by advisers, please click here.

Click here for information about Housing Rights in Scotland. Advice on housing rights in Northern Ireland can be obtained from the Housing Rights Service.

The CIH Housing Rights website has detailed information for different categories of new arrival. Please note:

  • a 'new arrival' may fall into more than one category so you may need to check different pages
  • we have tried to keep the language as simple as possible - but you can find the meaning of terms such as 'European Economic Area' on the relevant pages.

The categories of new arrival are described below and can also be seen by clicking the tabs at the top of each page.

Information for people who have been granted refugee status, people with discretionary leave, humanitarian protection and exceptional leave.
Information for people who have been granted indefinite leave to remain.

For people with work permits and people with limited leave.
For people from the European Economic Area and Switzerland who are workers or self-employed in the UK.

For people from the European Economic Area and Switzerland who are not working in the UK, but might be studying or are self-sufficient.
For family members of people from the European Economic Area or Switzerland who are in the UK and might be working or studying.

For migrants who are homeless without enough money to buy basic food or shelter.
For Irish and British nationals, including those returning to the UK from abroad.

For people who have arrived to join someone as a wife or husband, cohabiting with them or as a civil partner - and then can no longer stay in the relationship because of violence.
Information for people with social care needs.
Chartered Institute of Housing

Background Topics

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