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New Arrivals


This page is for new arrivals. If you are a housing adviser please click here for information more relevant to you.

This page is for nationals of Croatia, which joined the EU in 2013. From the 1st July 2018 your rights to live, work, and claim help with housing or benefits are the same as an EEA worker or other EEA national from another EU member state.

You can use periods before 1st July 2018 when you were legally working (e.g on the worker authorisation scheme) or resident to establish your right to reside as a former worker, long-term resident, or as a parent of a child in education in the same way as periods of work etc. that started on or after 1st July 2018.

If you applied for housing or benefits before 1st July 2018 you can make a new application and if you do it is assessed under the new rules. You may also be able to appeal any decision about your pre-July 2018 application if this would give you a better outcome (for example, if you want to claim arrears of benefits for a past period).

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