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What's new? - recent updates to the site

Transitional restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian nationals come to an end

Transitional restrictions on nationals from Bulgaria and Romania were lifted on 31st December. The website has been updated to reflect the changes. They generally mean that Bulgarian and Romanian nationals can now claim housing benefit on the same basis as other EEA nationals. 

New rules affecting jobseekers

From 1st January, new rules affect access to welfare benefits for newly arrived jobseekers in Britain who have never worked. The relevant pages now show the effects on eligibility for housing benefit.

Helping destitute migrants

With support from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, new pages have been added to the site aimed at helping destitute migrants. Click on the tab 'People who are destitute' for the pages for new arrivals, and also look for the detailed material on the equivalent adviser pages. Our thanks go to ten advice agencies in England and Scotland who helped us develop this new material.

Housing benefit for people whose funds are disrupted

The right to claim HB for up to six weeks for self-supporting households that experienced a temporary disruption of their funds ended on 29th October 2013.

Croatia joins the European Union

Croatia joined the European Union on 1st July 2013.  The pages for Bulgarian, Romanian and Croatian nationals, and for advisers, have been updated.

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Recent publications

Below are recent publications for housing advisers which have been added to the site on the pages on 'What other organisations can help' or 'Other information for advisers', according to whether they are relevant to England or Scotland, or both.

Housing allocation and homelessness: Law and practice

The standard textbook on housing and allocations is Housing Allocation and Homelessness: Law and Practice by Jan Luba and Liz Davies published by Jordans. This is an excellent and very detailed textbook including all legislation, regulations, codes of guidance, etc. A new edition was published at the end of 2012.

The Housing and Migration Network

The Housing and Migration Network was a time-limited partnership between the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, HACT and the Metropolitan Migration Foundation that produced various publications useful to those working with migrants. These include Housing and Migration: A UK guide to issues and solutions and a Destitution Pack highlighting how housing associations and charities can work together to provide short-term housing for destitute migrants.




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