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What's new? - recent updates to the site

Phasing in of immigration checks in the private rented sector

The Immigration Act 2015 creates a new requirement on landlords and those who take in lodgers to make immigration checks.  The new rules will apply mainly to private landlords but also to housing associations in some circumstances and to all those who take in lodgers. The rules are being phased in from 1st December in parts of the West Midlands. Their impact will be evaluated before checks are rolled out more widely.

CIH and BMENational have received a grant from the TDS Charitable Foundation to extend the website to cover migrants' access to the private rented sector, including of course the new rules about immigration checks. The new pages should be on the site early in 2015. 

This will be the next major expansion of the website after the recent new pages on helping destitute migrants.

New regulations in Wales

New regulations on eligibility for social housing and help with homelessness took effect on 31st October. Amended pages cover the new regulations, which essentially bring Wales back into line with England.

Changes in benefit entitlements during 2014

A number of changes have been made to benefit entitlements in the first four months of 2014. The website has been updated to take these into account.

If you spot anything else that needs updating, do please let us know - click Feedback to get in touch.

Recent publications

Below are recent publications for housing advisers which have been added to the site on the pages on 'What other organisations can help' or 'Other information for advisers', according to whether they are relevant to England or Scotland, or both.

Practical implications of immigration checks on lettings

A new briefing for housing professionals from the Chartered Institute of Housing.

Benefits for Migrants Handbook

CPAG has published a new edition of their handbook, available here. It is described as 'a definitive guide to the social security entitlement conditions for people who have come to or are leaving the UK'.

Integration up North migration guides

Integration up North has published a series of eleven short guides to migration and migrants' entitlements. They are available from the Migration Yorkshire website. The series includes a guide on Migrants and Housing.

House of Commons Library publications

The House of Commons Library has produced various publications on migrants' eligibility for housing and other issues. The latest is EU Migrants: Eligibility to apply for social housing (England).

Housing allocation and homelessness: Law and practice

The standard textbook on housing and allocations is Housing Allocation and Homelessness: Law and Practice by Jan Luba and Liz Davies published by Jordans. This is an excellent and very detailed textbook including all legislation, regulations, codes of guidance, etc. A new edition was published at the end of 2012.





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