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What's new? - recent updates to the site

'Brexit' vote

Revised guidance will appear on the site as regulations change - and the main points will be included here in 'What's new?'

Immigration Act 2016 comes into force

The new Immigration Act, which increases the penalties for failing to do document checks under the 'Right to Rent', is now in force. The Home Office has published a briefing on how it affects residential tenancies in England.

New guidance on people with social care needs

Our pages on social care in England and Wales, for migrants and for advisers, have been updated with more extensive guidance, following new legislation in both countries..

'Right to rent' checks in the private rented sector in England

Document checks now have to be carried out on all applicants for a new tenancy. The rules apply mainly to private landlords but also to housing associations in some circumstances. The rules apply only in England but may be extended to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland later. See the page on renting from a private landlord for details of how the checks work and how to advise migrants looking for accommodation to deal with the checks. 

Syrian refugees

The Home Office is running a special scheme to assist Syrian refugees currently living in refugee camps. Read about ways in which your organisation can help Syrian refugees in this CIH blog and also in this NHF briefing. In Scotland, look at the Scotland Welcomes Refugees website.

If you spot anything else that needs updating, do please let us know - click Feedback to get in touch.

Recent publications

Below are recent publications for housing advisers which have been added to the site on the pages on 'What other organisations can help' or 'Other information for advisers', according to whether they are relevant to England or Scotland, or both.

Post-Brexit guidance for European nationals resident in the UK

It is likely to be some time time before there are official decisions on the immigration status of European nationals already in the UK, post-Brexit.  In the meantime easily understood guidance (pdf) is available from the Aire Centre.

Removal of EEA rough sleepers

The Home Office has issued guidance on the process for the administrative removal of a European Economic Area (EEA) national, or a family member of an EEA national.

Welsh code of guidance on allocations and homelessness

The Welsh Government has published a revised Code of Guidance to Local Authorities on the Allocation of Accommodation and Homelessness, 2016

JCWI toolkit on 'right to rent'

JCWI have a toolkit which includes a detailed guide and a flowchart for tenants and for those advising tenants, in the private rented sector.

House of Commons briefing on 'right to rent'

A new briefing covers 'right to rent' in detail, including the changes planned in the current Immigration Bill.

LASA website with information on local advice services

LASA has a website in which you enter a postcode to find the local social services department and other relevant advice services, shown on a local map.

Practical implications of immigration checks on lettings

A briefing for housing professionals from the Chartered Institute of Housing.

Benefits for Migrants Handbook

CPAG has published a new edition of their handbook, available here. It is described as 'a definitive guide to the social security entitlement conditions for people who have come to or are leaving the UK'.

Integration up North migration guides

Integration up North has published a series of eleven short guides to migration and migrants' entitlements. They are available from the Migration Yorkshire website. The series includes a guide on Migrants and Housing.


We welcome suggestions for updating the guidance on the Housing Rights website and for including links to relevant new sources of guidance or information.

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