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CIH Scotland

New Arrivals

EEA students

This page is for new arrivals, If you are a housing adviser please click here for information more relevant to you.

If you are an EEA national studying in the UK you have a right to reside if:

  • you entered the UK before 1 January 2021; and
  • you make (or have already made) an application to the EU Settlement Scheme before 1 July 2021; and
  • you are currently studying on a course in the UK; and
  • you have signed a declaration at the beginning of the course that you are able to support yourself without social assistance (which means needing means-tested benefits) and
  • the declaration was true when you signed it and for the foreseeable future and
  • you have comprehensive sickness insurance for the UK.

More Information

Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland